X-Plore 1.34 for Nokia N95

X-Plore 1.34 is the file manager more famous that we can find for our Nokia N95, since it has many functions extras that the file manager native to the N95 does not, as able to see hidden files, etc.


Screenshot0629 225x300 X Plore 1.34 for Nokia N95 Screenshot0630 225x300 X Plore 1.34 for Nokia N95


Steps to install X-Plore v1.34:


  • Download X-Plore (see below). In the package comes the application and a file called GangClub.bin.
  • Delete all the previous versions of X-Plore.
  • Record GangClub.bin in the unit E: the N95 from our PC, for example
  • Install X-Plore134.sis
  • now appear two icons of X-Plore on the screen of Applications. Click on the right, which is first visit.


    x-plore 2 n95


  • Go to Menu >Tools > Configuration and mark all the options. So we can see files and folders hidden and other units.


    x-plore n95 3


  • Go to the unit E: or where he recorded, search GangClub.bin, select, press Menu > Edit > Move and move to E:\private\a0000bcd (where there is already another), it click on Ok and will move when we are in the folder.


    x-plore n95 5 x-plore n95 6


  • Exit of X-Plore.

    Now click on the icon on the left (of the two X-Plore that appear in Applications. Which is already registered and you save the message of the 3 seconds. The other icon of X-Plore we cannot erase, or be erased the two ;-).


    Download X-Plore.

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    3 Responses to X-Plore 1.34 for Nokia N95

    1. Goatlips June 7, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

      “•Record GangClub.bin in the unit E: the N95 from our PC, for example”

      1. That makes no sense.
      2. ‘GangClub’ sounds like some adware crap virus!

      Can’t you just install the X-plore?

    2. Goatlips June 8, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

      Where exactly in the N95 do you place the gangclub.bin file? It’s just sitting in there doing nothing and when I try to install the X-plorer it won’t install! Explain!

    3. Goatlips June 8, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

      “Required application access not granted” when I try to install, before I get to choose where to install (phone memory or card).