Pocket Parrot for Nokia N8

With Pocket Parrot, application for our Nokia N8 and any other Symbian^3 device, we can translate up to 28 different languages. Also, text to Speech technology allows Pocket Parrot to actually speak.

Pocke tParrot Nokia N8 Pocket Parrot for Nokia N8
Its use is easy, simply choose the language we want to get a translation, and if we wish, by clicking on the parrot, option “speak it”, also get the audio translation. We will need an Internet connection to download the audio file, which will be recorded in E:DataDownload.

Pocket Parrot
is available free on the Ovi Store.

Ovi Store | PocketParrot

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One Response to Pocket Parrot for Nokia N8

  1. gri December 5, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    Are from romania, I bought nokia n8 1 month. I updated Symbian Anna and I installed the Pocket Parrot Ovi Store. Result: not translate and does not speak in any language. I reinstalled. same result: not working.
    Actually “Nokia PC Suite” at the end of the installation gives me the message “operation failed!”.
    I ask if you can, give me some guidance to solve the operation of pocket Parrot on my N8 (Symbian Anna).
    Waiting for a reply on this site.