Chromium for Nokia N900

Google Chrome, called Chromium, is now available for our Nokia N900, although it is not an official version, but that is the version for Debian 32-bit whose portability has achieved Jacekowski.


google chrome n900 Chromium for Nokia N900


Its operation has surprised us, works very well, we can even see flash content, though still has small bugs to be solved in future releases.


Chromium is available in the Extras-Devel repository. To learn more about repositories, click here.


Although it is advisable install it from the terminal, the steps are:


  • Download chromium-5.0.369.2.deb and libxss-1.1.3.deb (library needed to run).
  • Save these two files at the root of our N900 and open X-term.
  • Log in as root, type:


    sudo gainroot


  • We access the file path, type:


    cd / home / user / MyDocs /


  • Now install the files, type:


    dpkg -i libxss-1.1.3.deb
    dpkg -i chromium-5.0.369.2.deb


    So we already have installed in our N900 the Google browser ;-).


    Via | maemoarena.

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    3 Responses to Chromium for Nokia N900

    1. hasan November 22, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

      thanks for this prog . i have n900 & i downloaded chromium but i couldn’t open any site cause messaging “linux server proxy” i need your help to solve this problem thanks


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